Sunday, November 9, 2008


To be TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT in today's reality is not as easy as one would think. In most western societies we only think we are free.....but we are only 'allowed' to be free within the given power structure's limits and constraints. This is what we are taught to accept from a very early age as we are programmed in our various public learning facilities. Programmed to believe that we 'need' to be told when to get up, what to believe in, what religion to be in, that we have to be loyal to a government (when it fact it should be the opposite!), have to follow the crowd, have to dress a certain way, follow laws made by those whose only motive is control of the masses, have to vote democrat or republican, have to believe that a 'bailout' of corporate america is necessary, the list could go on forever. But the methodology of control has not really changed much from the time of the 'Kings'; we are taught to believe that we need to be controlled to 'fit in'....
But if, just for a moment, we 'really look' around us, lift our heads up.... get our heads out of the TV, video games, next sporting event, latest celebrity scandal, stop over indulging in 'sex, drugs, alcohol and 'rock & roll' '..... we will realize that we are not TRULY FREE!!! When we are not TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT.......we are not as happy as we really could be, not living up to out ultimate potential. To be TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT we must, you must:

  • Free your mind
  • Reclaim your Universal Citizenship
  • Connect with your fellow Sovereign Individuals, Universal Beings, Free Individuals!

Lets journey together, share ideas, experiences......I will freely share my on-going research on Freedom and Wealth. We live in a time of unlimited possibilities and opportunities for Freedom and Mucho Income ;-> !! There is an abundance out there on the Internet that free thinkers can tap into that others fail to grasp......Let's Roll!


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