Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Your Fault

The talking heads on TV and radio were at it again.....some poor tortured soul commits suicide in front for Paul Adbul's house and the first thing the 'experts' are talking about is the responsibility of the show, American Idol; the premise is that the folks running American Idol should have known better that to let an emotionally unstable person take part and compete on the show. Then there was the inevitable comparison to the person who burnt herself with the to 'hot' coffee from McDonalds and subsequently sued for millions, and the other people who sued the tobacco companies in a class action suit for billions...where does it end....who is responsible for our failures in judgement....the easy answer is the companies, the government, them, they....everyone but 'us and me'. Hey, really there is no freedom without individual responsibility, without taking on the job of taking care of ourselves.......the corporations and the government are not responsible for our actions.....we are, you are! If you, we, give up this responsibility we will never be Truly Free. If we are seduced by the comfort of 'them' taking care of us, then we must accept that 'they' will control our destiny.......and we see where that has gotten us so far.....!
There is no real 'free lunch' gray area when it comes to freedom. It takes work but the benefits are immeasurable. Freedom and Independence are possible only when we put in place or Freedom Plan.....knowledge, planning and consistent action, multiple sources of income, an expanded world view....these are the keystones to claiming our True Freedom....interested in details? Just email me for your free copy of 'The Sovereign Manifesto'.....interested, seek and ye shall find, ask and you shall receive


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