Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Really Change!?

Is change effected from within the system or from outside the 'system? There are schools of thought that real change cannot be from within the 'system',,,,only from dropping out of the system and claiming our individual freedom. But is this really the only way? It is true that there are ways to do this and not worry about having to go against the current established the bureaucracy.....but there are opportunities to work to affect the system and change the way things are now. The electoral college is an obvious holder over from the past that needs our attention immediate attention. The recent elections seem to be a triumph of the will of the people, but still has to be 'verified' by this old relic of a system. We are all happy with the outcome of the 'election', but why preserve the old electoral college...if we ignore the electoral college are we truly agents of change? This is something that freedom loving people can change at a grass roots level. Apathy is not the answer, change of the 'system' happens slowly, but not if we dropout.
Change can happen both ways....from out of the system and from the same time. Think about it.......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Your Fault

The talking heads on TV and radio were at it again.....some poor tortured soul commits suicide in front for Paul Adbul's house and the first thing the 'experts' are talking about is the responsibility of the show, American Idol; the premise is that the folks running American Idol should have known better that to let an emotionally unstable person take part and compete on the show. Then there was the inevitable comparison to the person who burnt herself with the to 'hot' coffee from McDonalds and subsequently sued for millions, and the other people who sued the tobacco companies in a class action suit for billions...where does it end....who is responsible for our failures in judgement....the easy answer is the companies, the government, them, they....everyone but 'us and me'. Hey, really there is no freedom without individual responsibility, without taking on the job of taking care of ourselves.......the corporations and the government are not responsible for our actions.....we are, you are! If you, we, give up this responsibility we will never be Truly Free. If we are seduced by the comfort of 'them' taking care of us, then we must accept that 'they' will control our destiny.......and we see where that has gotten us so far.....!
There is no real 'free lunch' gray area when it comes to freedom. It takes work but the benefits are immeasurable. Freedom and Independence are possible only when we put in place or Freedom Plan.....knowledge, planning and consistent action, multiple sources of income, an expanded world view....these are the keystones to claiming our True Freedom....interested in details? Just email me for your free copy of 'The Sovereign Manifesto'.....interested, seek and ye shall find, ask and you shall receive


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Awaiting the Slaughter

Yesterday morning I got up a 5 a.m. as usual, got dressed and went down to the car to leave for work and......boom, surprise...the car window was bashed in! May car was broken into and the GPS was gone! This was right in front of my house. I wondered what would have happened if the crook had tried to get into my house...what would have happened. I live in a state that if I defend myself in my own home I stand the chance to get convicted of assault and I would need a permit to even get a hand gun. So its actually harder for a honest hard working person to get a gun than it is for a criminal. In certain places in the US and the world it is actually illegal to own a gun....why? The police were absolutely no help, hell the police would even come to my house...all they did was to take my info over the phone and I could get a copy of the police report in a few days. So.......Why should a 'free' person be told that you have no right to defend yourself; that someone has decided that only the 'government' has the right to bear arms and defend you. We have been trained, programmed to believe that someone else, some organization, some committee, some religion, some group of other men, knows better than us and will take care of us, protect us....Really? When we give up responsibility, we give up freedom. Many little things, little freedoms have been taken away from us over the last hundred years or two that our forefathers took for granted as 'inalienable rights' things that we have given away for a variety of reasons, fear, the common good, you name the excuse we have fallen for it. A lot of the things that we as a species do naturally we have turn over to the government to tell us when we can or cannot do it and how we can do it and with whom. Once again we have to think, not just react and passively follow.....we cannot have certain weapons, we are told we do not 'need' them, yet the evidence over and over proves that when citizens are armed, the crime goes down. It is logical that if we can defend ourselves against the slimy crooks then the crooks go else where! Instead of sheep being led to the slaughter or helplessly waiting for the criminals to take what they want and to do to us what they want, we need to be allowed toprotect ourselves and our families!
In this situation the 'government' is in control of our destiny and the lawyers and bureaucrats make incredible profits while justifying their existence! This along with all the victimless 'crimes' as legislated by the handed down 'moral/religious' laws of centuries ago, our apathy have made our society into a police/prison state. The solution is less laws, less lawyers, more personal responsibility, more freedom to defend our sovereign property, our sovereign freedom........


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom will support your individual will provide you with the ability to implement your 'plans'. Without money, real capital it is very difficult to be truly free, we are a debtor slave society, mainly working to payoff interest........we are paid just enough to 'survive', living the cliche - J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!).....with money made from a freedom biz - you have the ability to pay off a house, or not "own" a house and live any where for as long or short as you want, 'disappear' if you want, become totally debt free, support the 'cause' of your choice, vacation when and where you many choices.....
Freedom Business is the way to financial independence......the characteristics of a freedom biz are:
  • Portability
  • Automated
  • unregulated
  • currency independent
  • country independent
  • product independent
  • unaffected by economic 'trends'
  • can be started very part time and make full time income(or much more!)

The internet is the perfect tool to build your personal Freedom Biz. There are many who would attempt to sell you internet business 'secrets'.....they sell the sizzle and hype and will take your hard earned cash again and again, but the only secret is that there are no secrets.....only business and marketing techniques that work....scientific techniques that have been tried and tested. To believe that there are internet biz 'secrets', when large companies and governments with many resources can't keep any real secrets, is ridiculous (western countries have tried to keep the nuclear genie in the bottle for years - see how well that worked!). Don't waste a lot of money on useless "secrets' (you can't afford it)....right here on this blog, over the next few weeks we will cover the basic techniques to develop your Freedom Biz and also discuss resources to go well beyond the basics........there is an never ending flow of money in this new internet universe.....those in the know are already tapping into it, why not you!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you really own anything anymore?

Long, Long ago in a far away Land there lived a people that really owned the land they lived on and these people were able to pass this land down through the generations to their kids and grandkids....they had no fears of losing their family land due to inability to pay never ending 'property taxes' to the ‘government’ and their ‘government’ never had any right to take their precious family home away because of 'eminent domain'...for the 'public good' as they say......
BACK to the REAL WORLD.....a severely handicapped senior citizen is foreclosed on and thrown out of their mortgage-free home due to a few thousand in back ‘property taxes’ and had to watch as the 'government' sold away the home they had worked their whole life for...... another family loses their months long fight in court, the 'sheriff' comes to their home and forcibly evicts them, the entire family from property they have lived in for generations…. their crime you ask....none...did they not pay their 'property taxes' you, paid up.....this family had 'government' sanctioned, official violence perpetrated against them because of eminent domain....well, for the 'public good' it must be…....still no - the 'government' felt that they could get more ‘tax revenue’ from a different use for this property, so the 'government' claimed the property under the guise of eminent domain...... forced the land owners to take the 'government's' monetary offer and…....did what to the land......they sold it to a developer to build I ask.....Do you/we REALLY OWN ANYTHING anymore???
Do you own something if you have to pay the government forever to 'own' was not always so....but gradually things have changed...we have (as a people) a short memory....our freedoms are being slowly eroded (sometimes not so slowly - can you say 'patriot act')....and oft times freedoms are repackaged as 'privileges' and we should be happy with what we are given, so we are told.....but, what the hey---we always have our MTV, NBA, NFL, Prozac, Ambien, Amercan Idol, Viagra, Budweiser, and don’t forgetg to ‘super size it’!!!
Knowledge of history and truth, communication with like minds, thinking for ourselves, working for change(change from within being the most important change).....once more of us claim our personal freedom, our 'universal freedoms'.....develop multiple income sources that adds to our ‘freedom lifestyle’ (much more on this in future posts)……then these are the first baby steps towards freedom and peace for your mind and never stop learning/growing… ignorant populace is the tyrant's dream………


Sunday, November 9, 2008


To be TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT in today's reality is not as easy as one would think. In most western societies we only think we are free.....but we are only 'allowed' to be free within the given power structure's limits and constraints. This is what we are taught to accept from a very early age as we are programmed in our various public learning facilities. Programmed to believe that we 'need' to be told when to get up, what to believe in, what religion to be in, that we have to be loyal to a government (when it fact it should be the opposite!), have to follow the crowd, have to dress a certain way, follow laws made by those whose only motive is control of the masses, have to vote democrat or republican, have to believe that a 'bailout' of corporate america is necessary, the list could go on forever. But the methodology of control has not really changed much from the time of the 'Kings'; we are taught to believe that we need to be controlled to 'fit in'....
But if, just for a moment, we 'really look' around us, lift our heads up.... get our heads out of the TV, video games, next sporting event, latest celebrity scandal, stop over indulging in 'sex, drugs, alcohol and 'rock & roll' '..... we will realize that we are not TRULY FREE!!! When we are not TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT.......we are not as happy as we really could be, not living up to out ultimate potential. To be TRULY FREE and INDEPENDENT we must, you must:

  • Free your mind
  • Reclaim your Universal Citizenship
  • Connect with your fellow Sovereign Individuals, Universal Beings, Free Individuals!

Lets journey together, share ideas, experiences......I will freely share my on-going research on Freedom and Wealth. We live in a time of unlimited possibilities and opportunities for Freedom and Mucho Income ;-> !! There is an abundance out there on the Internet that free thinkers can tap into that others fail to grasp......Let's Roll!