Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you really own anything anymore?

Long, Long ago in a far away Land there lived a people that really owned the land they lived on and these people were able to pass this land down through the generations to their kids and grandkids....they had no fears of losing their family land due to inability to pay never ending 'property taxes' to the ‘government’ and their ‘government’ never had any right to take their precious family home away because of 'eminent domain'...for the 'public good' as they say......
BACK to the REAL WORLD.....a severely handicapped senior citizen is foreclosed on and thrown out of their mortgage-free home due to a few thousand in back ‘property taxes’ and had to watch as the 'government' sold away the home they had worked their whole life for...... another family loses their months long fight in court, the 'sheriff' comes to their home and forcibly evicts them, the entire family from property they have lived in for generations…. their crime you ask....none...did they not pay their 'property taxes' you, paid up.....this family had 'government' sanctioned, official violence perpetrated against them because of eminent domain....well, for the 'public good' it must be…....still no - the 'government' felt that they could get more ‘tax revenue’ from a different use for this property, so the 'government' claimed the property under the guise of eminent domain...... forced the land owners to take the 'government's' monetary offer and…....did what to the land......they sold it to a developer to build I ask.....Do you/we REALLY OWN ANYTHING anymore???
Do you own something if you have to pay the government forever to 'own' was not always so....but gradually things have changed...we have (as a people) a short memory....our freedoms are being slowly eroded (sometimes not so slowly - can you say 'patriot act')....and oft times freedoms are repackaged as 'privileges' and we should be happy with what we are given, so we are told.....but, what the hey---we always have our MTV, NBA, NFL, Prozac, Ambien, Amercan Idol, Viagra, Budweiser, and don’t forgetg to ‘super size it’!!!
Knowledge of history and truth, communication with like minds, thinking for ourselves, working for change(change from within being the most important change).....once more of us claim our personal freedom, our 'universal freedoms'.....develop multiple income sources that adds to our ‘freedom lifestyle’ (much more on this in future posts)……then these are the first baby steps towards freedom and peace for your mind and never stop learning/growing… ignorant populace is the tyrant's dream………


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