Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom will support your individual freedoms....it will provide you with the ability to implement your 'plans'. Without money, real capital it is very difficult to be truly free, we are a debtor slave society, mainly working to payoff interest........we are paid just enough to 'survive', living the cliche - J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!).....with money made from a freedom biz - you have the ability to pay off a house, or not "own" a house and live any where for as long or short as you want, 'disappear' if you want, become totally debt free, support the 'cause' of your choice, vacation when and where you want.....so many choices.....
Freedom Business is the way to financial independence......the characteristics of a freedom biz are:
  • Portability
  • Automated
  • unregulated
  • currency independent
  • country independent
  • product independent
  • unaffected by economic 'trends'
  • can be started very part time and make full time income(or much more!)

The internet is the perfect tool to build your personal Freedom Biz. There are many who would attempt to sell you internet business 'secrets'.....they sell the sizzle and hype and will take your hard earned cash again and again, but the only secret is that there are no secrets.....only business and marketing techniques that work....scientific techniques that have been tried and tested. To believe that there are internet biz 'secrets', when large companies and governments with many resources can't keep any real secrets, is ridiculous (western countries have tried to keep the nuclear genie in the bottle for years - see how well that worked!). Don't waste a lot of money on useless "secrets' (you can't afford it)....right here on this blog, over the next few weeks we will cover the basic techniques to develop your Freedom Biz and also discuss resources to go well beyond the basics........there is an never ending flow of money in this new internet universe.....those in the know are already tapping into it, why not you!!!


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