Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Really Change!?

Is change effected from within the system or from outside the 'system? There are schools of thought that real change cannot be from within the 'system',,,,only from dropping out of the system and claiming our individual freedom. But is this really the only way? It is true that there are ways to do this and not worry about having to go against the current established the bureaucracy.....but there are opportunities to work to affect the system and change the way things are now. The electoral college is an obvious holder over from the past that needs our attention immediate attention. The recent elections seem to be a triumph of the will of the people, but still has to be 'verified' by this old relic of a system. We are all happy with the outcome of the 'election', but why preserve the old electoral college...if we ignore the electoral college are we truly agents of change? This is something that freedom loving people can change at a grass roots level. Apathy is not the answer, change of the 'system' happens slowly, but not if we dropout.
Change can happen both ways....from out of the system and from the same time. Think about it.......

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