Thursday, November 13, 2008

Awaiting the Slaughter

Yesterday morning I got up a 5 a.m. as usual, got dressed and went down to the car to leave for work and......boom, surprise...the car window was bashed in! May car was broken into and the GPS was gone! This was right in front of my house. I wondered what would have happened if the crook had tried to get into my house...what would have happened. I live in a state that if I defend myself in my own home I stand the chance to get convicted of assault and I would need a permit to even get a hand gun. So its actually harder for a honest hard working person to get a gun than it is for a criminal. In certain places in the US and the world it is actually illegal to own a gun....why? The police were absolutely no help, hell the police would even come to my house...all they did was to take my info over the phone and I could get a copy of the police report in a few days. So.......Why should a 'free' person be told that you have no right to defend yourself; that someone has decided that only the 'government' has the right to bear arms and defend you. We have been trained, programmed to believe that someone else, some organization, some committee, some religion, some group of other men, knows better than us and will take care of us, protect us....Really? When we give up responsibility, we give up freedom. Many little things, little freedoms have been taken away from us over the last hundred years or two that our forefathers took for granted as 'inalienable rights' things that we have given away for a variety of reasons, fear, the common good, you name the excuse we have fallen for it. A lot of the things that we as a species do naturally we have turn over to the government to tell us when we can or cannot do it and how we can do it and with whom. Once again we have to think, not just react and passively follow.....we cannot have certain weapons, we are told we do not 'need' them, yet the evidence over and over proves that when citizens are armed, the crime goes down. It is logical that if we can defend ourselves against the slimy crooks then the crooks go else where! Instead of sheep being led to the slaughter or helplessly waiting for the criminals to take what they want and to do to us what they want, we need to be allowed toprotect ourselves and our families!
In this situation the 'government' is in control of our destiny and the lawyers and bureaucrats make incredible profits while justifying their existence! This along with all the victimless 'crimes' as legislated by the handed down 'moral/religious' laws of centuries ago, our apathy have made our society into a police/prison state. The solution is less laws, less lawyers, more personal responsibility, more freedom to defend our sovereign property, our sovereign freedom........


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